Lomi Lomi

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What is Lomi Lomi

The words Lomi Lomi simply mean massage or to rub. In Hawaii there are just as many forms of Lomi as there are types of massage here. The type of Lomi Lomi that is practiced in this office is Ke Ala Hoku, Lomi Lomi Nui (the great massage), or Hawaiian Temple Bodywork.

This form was traditionally done by the Kahunas in the temples as a sacred rite of passage (i.e. an adolescent becoming an adult or someone ready to change the path of their life). This rite of passage allowed one to die to the old and be born to the new.

This form of Lomi uses long fluid forearm strokes that seem very dance like. These strokes can go from head to foot and left to right very easily, which helps to disconnect the brain and aids in reconnecting with the self. The answers and the healing come from within.


What to Expect

It is the goal of the therapist to create a sacred space in which you feel safe and comfortable. So if something is uncomfortable to you, make sure you say something so that we can work with you.

Typically, the draping used is minimal so that the fluidity of the work is continuous, but modesty is still maintained. If you feel more draping is needed, again let the therapist know. If you would like to wear some clothing during the session, keep in mind that it will get oily and the session may not feel as fluid, but it is perfectly acceptable.

The music in a Lomi session tends to be a little more noticeable.  Music, drumming and chanting are very important in the Hawaiian culture, and it plays a specific role in the session.

Breath is also extremely important in the Hawaiian culture.  It is what brings forth the ancestors, the  spirit, and life.  During the session the practitioner will be breathing audibly.  This is not because the practitioner is tired, but because it keeps the energy flowing, and reaffirms the intention of bringing in the new and letting go of the old.

If it is possible, please try to freshly shave any areas you typically shave. Since the skin on the forearm is very sensitive, stubble can be uncomfortable for the practitioner. If you have a beard or typically do not shave an area, that is fine.

The Lomi session tends to run between an hour and a half and two hours long. Please try not to have a busy day planned after your session, so that you can allow time for integration. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and if possible allow the oil to remain on your skin for about an hour to help with detoxifying the system.


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